Still dreaming of that amazing launch party you had last month? Happy to see your lead generation strategy succeed? Busy handling first customers requests? Finally selling your idea? That’s awesome.

Congratulations. But how did you get here? 
Most likely you made it to launch because you envisioned where you are today in some way or another a couple weeks or months earlier. Some startup ideas are quick to the market, some take years to come to live. Now, finally, you, too, have made it. At least for now.
Actually, you have made your first step. But growing your vision is now key to make the next step. Localization might be one of these next steps you consider.
While it is exciting to bring your product to more and more new customers in your initial market, it is also important to keep an eye on other feasible opportunities. Let’s take a look a couple weeks and months ahead again because some localization efforts can be optimized by means of some strategic preparation. When talking about localization you might want to consider working together with an expert early on in the process.

But why? 
In the following I provide a list of crucial things to consider when approaching localization at your business. This list give you an idea what a professional localization process does to your startup idea and helps marketing managers and other communication professionals to size how localization specialists can benefit their businesses.

Make or buy? 
If moving into other markets outside your market’s primary language is not a no-go area you should get a versatile language specialist involved as early as possible. This not to say that hiring a third-party supplier is always the best solution. Especially, though, when dealing with more than one additional language considering consulting, at least, should be taken into consideration. Unless you are a native of the language or have any relevant translation experience this might not be the worst of thoughts.

Multiplication opportunities 
An initial talk about your localization idea with an expert will usually not cost you anything and might have a lot of benefits. As you know from your idea testing days when spreading your idea every person counts. Even for close connections in your network you never know which great use case for your idea is lingering right around the corner of a linguist’s eye and which multiplication opportunities are at hand. Use this chance.

Get to know the challenges of going international early 
Depending on which markets you are eyeing at there might be different kinds of challenges regarding your product or service. Your great idea and it’s claim might be invincible here but an offense some other place. You want to get these possible surprises out of your marketing strategy’s way early on in the process.

Localize or internationalize?
There are actually a lot of completely individual factors – localization-wise as well as marketing-wise – that are considered to make a decision on how to introduce an idea to a new market. Language can come in many ways and all share similarities but also differ in their respective ways to market. Digging into localization more deeply can actually be an unexpected source of inspiration where e.g. the requirements of one language can be the root of a business’s new marketing campaign.

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