When starting a business especially online besides considering which languages to address there are more tasks related to the translation that can be handled by language service providers (LSPs). As a start-up, you need to distribute your capacity wisely. Language issues can be tricky and time-consuming.

  • Executing effective online marketing and delivering the message of product or service
    Marketing managers require working multilingually are particularly challenged when it comes to establishing a communications strategy and delivering their message effectively. Localization strategists can supply marketing with the skills to a. figure out a strategy that moves across (language) borders and b. use the right targeting tactics that work in a respective language community.

    • Figure out a strategy that moves across borders
      Bring in your LSP early in your transnational start-up project. Consider: if you need a successful strategy around different languages, it might make sense to have it reflect on your first strategic decisions as well.
    • Use the right targeting tactics that work in each of the language communities of your product or service
      Calls-to-action tactics and search engine optimization (SEO) are done in an effective and successful manner by native communication professionals of the required language your business process run smoothly.
  • Help with filling out the financial plan and documents
    If you are looking for fund-givers and investors in a foreign language, native language support can be the relevant component to get all things right:

    • Translating your pitch texts
    • Formatting all documents before filing
    • Filling in your numbers at the right place with the correct terminology
  • Driving the preparations for your application
    Obviously, you know your stuff and all about your business. But being focused on the process is important at the start-up stage. You can wear to many hats. Your LSP is used to working alongside multilingual content and driving the speed of the teams and assigning priorities.

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